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George Adamson’s indomitable lion spirit lives, 25 years later

This weekend the world marks the 25th anniversary of the death of legendary George Adamson, whose work with lions - alongside his wife Joy Adamson - made the couple ‘immortal' in the world of conservation.

For several years now George Adamson's legion of fans have celebrated his life and accomplishments by doing pilgrimage to Kora National Park in Tana River County, where George and Joy's camp was located back then.

Like the Biblical grain of wheat, which must die to bring forth new and better life, George Adamson's horrific death inspired a legion of conservationists the world over.

Indeed, he was the poster child of Kenya's conservation prowess for decades and put the country on the world map. His image as a sun-gnarled figure with mane of yellow white hair usually dressed in shorts and sandals with the signature smoking pipe and whisky remains immortalized.

The conservation icon and his wife, Austrian-born artist Joy Adamson, are best known through t…